Written by Geneviève Beaudoin
February 13, 2020

3 Ways to Prepare Portuguese Clementines

Our precious Portuguese Clementines are like real candy. Worshipped by the little ones, but also by the grown-ups in this article we propose you different ways to prepare your clementines. This does not prevent you from simply peeling them and eating them 😉.

The clementines of Portugal come from a family and artisanal production that respects the nature that surrounds it. Their clementines are tasty and sweet. They know how to enhance a dish, a vinaigrette or a reduction.

Today, we offer you 4 ways to use this little gem of food with recipes from several of our employees.


Clementine and spice gummies

By Jean Turgeon, Internal sales representative

Ingredients :

Clementine jelly

500gr pureed clementine
50gr Beaver sugar
6 ml citric acid
225 ml glucose syrup
550 gr granulated sugar
25g yellow pectin

Spiced Sugar

500gr granulated sugar
2 cloves
4 star anise
1/2 stick of cinnamon


Preparations :

Bring the clementine puree to a boil.

Mix 10 gr of pectin with the beaver sugar. Incorporate into the purée. Add 550 gr of granulated sugar and the glucose syrup. Add the remaining pectin and boil for 4 minutes.

Remove from the heat and add the citric acid. Mix until dissolved and pour into a container covered with baking paper.

Leave to cool outside the refrigerator.

Using a blender or a coffee grinder, mix the spices and 500 gr of granulated sugar, reduce to a very fine powder.

Finally, once the jelly has reached the right consistency, cut into cubes and coat in the spiced sugar.

Tataki of bluefin tuna

By Gabrielle Joubert, Internal sales representative

Ingredients :

Gelling (caviar) 50/50 of soy and modena balsamic acid
Bluefin Tuna Tataki
Black and white sesame
Fresh clementine supreme,
Camelina Oil
Curly lettuce
Zest and juice of 2 clementines
Salt & pepper

Preparations :

Gelling of balsamic and soy.

Roll the tataki in sesame. At the same time, heat your pan with the Camelina oil. Seize the tataki on all sides. Season to taste.

Cut the tataki into cubes after cooking. Place on the plate.

Arrange the balsamic and soy beads on the cubes. Place lettuce leaves on top. Microplane the zest on the cubes.

Mix the Camelina oil and the clementine juice. Drizzle over cubes.

Scallop with clementine

By Geneviève Beaudoin, Digital Marketing Manager

Ingredients :

2 organic clementines
1/2 teaspoon grated ginger
2 tablespoons orange honey
20 scallops
Olive oil
Fleur de sel
Black pepper from the mill

Preparations :

Wash and dry the clementines. Take the zest of a clementine and grate it. Squeeze the juice of the 2 fruits.

Pour the juice and grated zest into a bowl. Add the ginger and honey and mix.

Wash and dry the scallops with paper towels.

Place them in the dish containing the clementine and honey mixture. Leave to marinate.

Heat a little olive oil in a frying pan and caramelize the scallops in their marinade, 2 minutes on each side.

Season with fleur de sel and pepper to taste.