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Our offices are located at: 1755 Bercy Street, Montreal, QC H2K 2T9

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Yannick Pelletier's Avatar
Yannick Pelletier
CPA, CA, Vice-President finance and administration
Steve Boudreau's Avatar
Steve Boudreau
Logistics and distribution Vice-President
Stéphane Labelle's Avatar
Stéphane Labelle
Operations Vice-President
George Nikolopoulos's Avatar
George Nikolopoulos
Strategic consultant, business development

External Sales Representatives

Bernard Decan's Avatar
Bernard Decan
Diane Dumont's Avatar
Diane Dumont
Antonietta Di Girolamo's Avatar
Antonietta Di Girolamo
Caroline Taddeo's Avatar
Caroline Taddeo

Internal Sales Representatives

Benoît Couture's Avatar
Benoît Couture
Julie Pion's Avatar
Julie Pion
Patrice St-Germain's Avatar
Patrice St-Germain
Jean Turgeon's Avatar
Jean Turgeon
Louis Charbonneau's Avatar
Louis Charbonneau
Denise Filiatreault's Avatar
Denise Filiatreault
Anthony Dubé's Avatar
Anthony Dubé
Ginette Camastra's Avatar
Ginette Camastra
Mathieu Tremblay's Avatar
Mathieu Tremblay
Melissa Kelly's Avatar
Melissa Kelly
Francis Étienne Larocque's Avatar
Francis Étienne Larocque
Geneviève  Beaudoin's Avatar
Geneviève Beaudoin
Digital marketing manager
Tawnee Marchand's Avatar
Tawnee Marchand
Johnny Theologitis's Avatar
Johnny Theologitis

Human Resource

Alexandra Boisjolie's Avatar
Alexandra Boisjolie
HR/Operation coordinator
Nathalie Desbiens's Avatar
Nathalie Desbiens
Payroll chief

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