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November 12, 2019

The perfect smoothie bowl by Mantab (video)

The possibilities are endless, the recipes are simple and full of flavours and on top of that, they contain only good things for your health. It goes without saying that the dazzling popularity of smoothie bowls is already well established. That’s why we’ve created the best smoothies for you with the help of Mantab‘s high quality products.

Since 1952 the company Mantab has created a great reputation for itself as an importer in four main product categories, frozen fruits and vegetables, canned goods, condiments, olives and oil. Today, it is established in more than 10 countries and has several private labels that are distributed in different types of markets, from retail grocery stores to major manufacturers and a large list of distributors.

Their mission is simple: to bring the world’s greatest variety directly to your table, with the ability to offer the right product, at the right time, at competitive prices, in convenient packaging formats and with the greatest transparency while offering outstanding customer service. By constantly searching for the best foods from all over the world, they now offer more than 400 different products.

Sharing the same values of rigour, professionalism and transparency, it is thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Platon Gravielatos, who took over the Saputo business, that Hector Larivée and Mantab have been working hand in hand for many years. Hard work, outstanding customer service and good partners make Mantab a must in the food industry.

We are proud to be part of this success.

If you want more informations about Mantab, please contact our sale team.

Video made by : Independant Studio in Montréal