Written by Jessica Larivée
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August 1, 2019

Mie-Âme – Exploring the world of artisanal breads (video)

Karim Medjed, president and founder of Mie-Âme, has given the world of artisanal bread-making a new face. 

His passion for bread of all shapes and sizes lead him to create a bread inspired by none other than the criteria and requests of his valued clients and partners. One whose taste, colour, aroma, and texture stands out among other traditional breads on the market. 

Karim effortlessly combines hard work, fine attention to detail, and originality to create a unique and exclusive product that speaks volumes about the artisan. 

If Mie-Âme bread stands out for its exquisite taste, refined aroma, and the quality of its crumb and crust, its appearance is equally impressive. 

“The final product has to be pretty and good because people eat with their eyes first”, Karim explains. 

It’s the quest for an authentic, innovative, and unparalleled product that lead to the partnership between Mie-Âme and Hector Larivée, each of which share the same approach and philosophy. 

“Hector Larivée is not only a partner, but a mentor,” asserts Karim Medjed, “it is thanks to Hector Larivée that our business is as successful and is growing as quickly as it is.”

And, it’s that same passion for taste, quality, and authenticity that empowered Mie-Âme to redefine a product that is anything but ordinary: bread.  

Video produced by: Independant Studios in Montreal