Written by Andreanne
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January 15, 2020

Gastronomia: The authentic flavours of Italy.

Of all kinds, in all shapes, but above all in all flavors, Gastronomia is betting on finding THE flavor that will make your heart beat. Have you found yours?

Gastronomia being constantly in search of authentic flavors provides us with fresh pasta that comes directly from Italy. Based on a typical Italian recipe that is tasty and flavorsome. It is the addition of 4 to 6 eggs per kilo of flour that gives the pasta its beautiful golden color. Gastronomia has 8 different varieties of pasta, all individually frozen without GMO, preservatives or artificial flavors. Being frozen, they defrost more easily and cook faster than dry pasta. Going from Scrigni with burrata di Puglia to lunette with truffle, tortellis with shrimps, crabs, and lobster. We were told that their new vegetarian novelty, Butternut squash cappellacci, created a sensation.

Gastronomia’s research and development team travels across Canada and meets with chefs directly in their kitchens to learn about the needs of the industry. This constant research allows them to always be at the top and to be a reference in terms of high quality frozen products with their 200 products from appetizers to desserts. 

At Hector Larivée, we are proud to be part of this success.

For more information on the products offered by Gastronomia, please contact one of our representatives.

Video directed by Independent Studios in Montreal.