Mission and values

Reflect. Listen. Plan. Act.And savour your successes!

A business sector such as ours, food service, is a very fast-paced environmental to the extent that, to continuously outpace our competitors, we must periodically take the time to reflect.

Then, we listen to the opinions of all those around us. Indeed, this is the approach that led us to develop our companie vision:


TOGETHER, conquering our markets while preserving the values that inspire us.

For entrepreneurs raised in a family business, it is essential that such a vision, originate with clear mission in mind, hence our mission statement:

Hector Larivée is the leading distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables for the food services sector.

We offer a great variety of quality products.

 Employees commitment to the company is the building block to our customer loyalty.

Obviously, to succeed, a company must plan its strategies and actions, and act in accordance with values that need to embrace every member of the team, without exception. And that is what we do.

Our values are easily remembered with the aid of the acronym F.R.U.I.T.:

Client F ocus
In all we do, we remain client focused and rely on best business practices to give our clients the utmost satisfaction.

R espect
It is our duty to be frank, honest and respectful in all our interactions with colleagues, partners and clients.

Comm U nication
We communicate in a transparent and positive fashion.

Prof I tability
All our efforts must aim at a solid financial performance in order to fuel our growth, finance our investments, satisfy our shareholders and compensate our employees well.

T eamwork
Our success relies on teamwork, sharing and mutual assistance.

Passionate S pecialist
THE specialist of fruits and vegetables … and much more!
We are constantly working to offer the best fresh products to our customers.
And also a wide range of desserts, specialty and  complementary products and pre-cut.

At Hector Larivée, we are convinced of one thing: it’s because we have learnt to reflect, listen, plan and act in synergy that our clients are satisfied and that, together, we can savour our successes!

Supporting La Relance – jeunes et familles

All of us at Hector Larivée support La Relance – jeunes et familles, a non-profit organization located in the Montreal borough of Centre-Sud, whose mission is to allow each and every child to start off in life on an equal footing. This mission is accomplished through actions and interventions that focus on childrens total development and the enhancement of parental skills. The decision to support this organization, endorsed by both our Social Committee and management, was a given because contributing to our neighbours’ well-being comes naturally!



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