Written by Hector Larivée
November 23, 2018

[Update] E.coli infections outbreak associated with romaine lettuce

Dear Customer,

We would like to reassure you and inform you about the of E. coli infections outbreak in Ontario, Quebec, as well as in many US states broadcast by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Health Canada, as well as the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US CDC) and the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) of November 20, 2018.

Here is the link for more details on Health Canada’s ongoing survey:

We are very preoccupied about food safety to ensure that the products we deliver to you comply with regulations and is safe for your health. We want to make sure that we work with suppliers and producers who are also very conscientious about food safety.

Currently, we have decided to stop the sale of all Romaine products and all Romaine-containing products that are the subject of the outbreak notice to ensure you have good quality and safe products until we are certain of our product compliance.

We recommend that you do not buy or consume any Romaine or Romaine products. We suggest you purchase the following products as a substitute:

  • Whole Iceberg lettuce – Code 2000 and code 2002
  • Whole Leaf lettuce – Code 2050
  • Mesclun Lettuce (Spring mix) – Code 1594
  • Ardacian Lettuce mix- Code 2075

We can assure you that we are constantly working to ensure our products are of the highest quality.

We will keep you informed of the developments of the investigation in the coming days.

If you have questions or fears, do not hesitate to contact your representative, we will be happy to give you the answers to your questions!

The Hector Larivée team.