Written by Geneviève Beaudoin
January 22, 2020

The 7 best products for winter 2020.

in collaboration with Pro*Act

Starting a new decade is the perfect opportunity to bring something fresh to your menu. From tropical beauties to filling winter greens, there is a wide array of new fruits and vegetables to play with once the snow begins to fall. Make sure that your culinary vision is crisp and clear with these 2020 picks.

1. Guava

Many tropical fruits reach their absolute best during the winter months, and guava is no exception! The unique floral sweetness of guava is an absolutely killer addition to tiki cocktails, plus it can be paired with spicy or salty flavors.

Guava. Code : 2748 & 4267
  • Peak Seasonality: November-April
  • Favorite Varieties: Detweiler, Beaumont, & Homestead
  • Try Cooking: Guava coladas & guava jam

2. Broccoli Rabe

Even though you can source broccoli rabe year-round, some of the best crop of the year comes during the first months of winter. We’re fond of broccoli rabe because of its root-to-stem capabilities, healthy dishes, and its flexibility towards different cooking methods!

Brocolette. Code : 1408

3. Tangerines

It’d be irresponsible of us to create a list of winter produce without mentioning some citrus. Rather than go the usual route, consider using tangerines instead of oranges! The little fruit has a concentrated dose of sweetness that kids love.

4. Collard Greens

Interestingly enough, the first frost of winter actually helps improve the flavor of collard greens. The cold tampers down their bitter overtones and boosts the nutritional profile. Best of all, collard greens are flexible to tons of different cooking methods.

Collard Green. Code : 1876 & 1886
  • Peak Seasonality: January-April
  • Favorite Varieties: Champion, Morris, & Top Bunch
  • Try Cooking: Southern collard greens

5. Kumquats

The combination of powerful tartness and subtle sweetness can bring an unexpected pop of color to dishes throughout the day. Despite the assertiveness of kumquats, they’re actually good partners to ingredients like chocolate, duck, and pineapple.

Kumquats. Code : 4288

6. Asparagus

If you’re looking for a late-season addition to your winter menu, asparagus is your guy. Crops are harvested throughout the winter, so the best specimens are available in late winter-early fall. For an amazing appetizer, try whipping up some bacon-wrapped asparagus. 

Asparagus. Code : 1109, 1120, 1123
  • Peak Seasonality: Year-round
  • Favorite Varieties: Atlas, Martha Washington, & Purple Passion
  • Try Cooking: Bacon-wrapped asparagus

7. Plantains

Plantains should be your secret weapon this winter because they have a duality that is second to none. For example, unripe plantains are a staple ingredient for savory dishes from many countries throughout the world while ripe plantains can be added to fruity smoothies or breakfast dishes. 

Plantains. Code : 4061 & 4073