Written by Hector Larivée
November 20, 2018

Public health notice – Situation regarding romaine lettuce

Dear customers,

Hector Larivée wish to inform all clients of an ongoing public health investigation in Ontario and Quebec.

The Public Health Agency of Canada advises people in Ontario and Quebec to avoid eating romaine lettuce and salad mixes containing romaine lettuce until more information is available regarding the epidemic and the cause of the contamination. CDC is investigating the contamination.

For the moment, no recall has been issued. We will inform and update all our clients as the situation progresses and further action is required.

As a company, Hector Larivée will cease shipments of ALL Roman-based products until additional information is provided.

For more information, our team of representatives is available until 1 am to answer all your questions.

Hector Larivée inc .: 514-521-8331