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Le Jardin Les Artisans des saveurs

A garden for research and development

Conceived by Michel Lachaume and managed by Alexandra Larivée, Le Jardin Les Artisans des saveurs offers local, top quality fruits and vegetables with superior taste. This garden of research and development, located 45 km from the island of Montréal in Sainte-Marie-Madeleine, is operated by Hector Larivée and Tomapure. Its mission is to achieve advancements in biodiversity and to create new varieties of fruits and vegetables, on a small scale, for Québec chefs.

More than 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables

Harvested with care following a strict and specific protocol, these fruits and vegetables, primarily organic, know how to please even the finest palettes. Once the necessary tests have been administered, the chefs must approve the new varieties proposed by Michel and his team. Once the approval process is completed, the new seeds will be given to farms throughout Québec to ensure large production quantities of the crop.

Discovering new fruits and vegetables

Near the end of each summer, in August and September, chefs and their employees are invited to come discover what Le Jardin Les Artisans des saveurs has to offer.

Visiting the garden will allow them to discover new varieties of fruits and vegetables developed by Michel Lachaume and his team, as well as allow them to harvest by hand some of these varieties themselves, which they can use to test and create new items for their menus.

A laboratory for chefs

Le Jardin Les Artisans des saveurs also offers chefs the possibility of bringing new varieties of grains and seeds from their origin country to grow fruits and vegetables of their choice, under the supervision of Michel Lachaume.

Additionally, if a chef is looking to test a particular variety of vegetable or fruit, the team at Jardin Les Artisans des saveurs, will look after the exclusivity of this new variety. *This service is offered exclusively to clients of Hector Larivée.

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Le Jardin Les Artisans des saveurs

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Michel Lachaume
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